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Adam Schiff: 50,000 Americans Dead Because Trump Wasn’t Removed

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) claimed Friday evening that 50,000 Americans died because the Senate failed to remove President Donald Trump from office during the impeachment trial in February. Schiff’s contention opposes the individuals who have contended that the reprimand preliminary was a silly interruption that kept Congress from acting to help...More Please

Tucker Carlson: ‘Sociopath’ Adam Schiff ‘Unfit to Hold Office,’ ‘He Should Resign’

Friday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson called on Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to resign given how the saga regarding former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has unfolded, calling the California Democrat a “sociopath.” The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host also questioned the effectiveness of some Republicans in the Senate for not having done more to expose...More Please

Breaking: Whitmer Expands Michigan’s Stay-At-Home Request Until June 12

Whitmer expanded her stay-at-home request Friday to June 12, her fifth augmentation of a command that has put her at chances with Republican officials and has been the subject of mounting analysis and against lockdown fights. The request, called “More secure at Home,” will broaden impermanent business terminations and development limitations with an end goal...More Please

Hillary says “we need a real President” urges followers to “work to replace him in November”

In recent tweets, Hillary Clinton writes “we need a real President” and accused President Trump this morning of “calling for violence against American citizens.” The president of the United States is calling for violence against American citizens. That is so wrong. We need honest reckoning and reconciliation. If you haven’t already joined the work to...More Please